Universal Life Force

"The Way Is Not In The Sky, Is In The Heart."

How does it work?

Transmute your suffering into love, healing, and wisdom. 

Our bodies hold the seismic memory of every trauma and injury experienced by our physical, emotional and mental consciousness.

In order to heal then, we need to reprogram our body’s memory. We can do this my changing our mind and by changing our vibrations to intrinsic and coherent universal and quantum frequencies.

We are each an instrument of nature, and when we’re properly in tune, our physical body becomes like a beautiful, 7 stringed harp.

You ARE light, which is also just another perspective of being energy and vibration.

Rainbow Body Reiki is effective because it harmonizes you with the intrinsic powers of the universe to help bring healing into your mind, body and energy field, down to the cellular, and even subatomic levels.

"The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You."

What are Intrinsic Universal Properties?

While symbols can be powerful phsychological and archetypical tools for changing our lives and perspectives, they can also potentially lead to confusion, overcomplication or distortion of our perceptions.

An intrinsic property of the universe is anything that is found in nature which doesn’t require our definition or interpretation of it in order for the property to hold its defining value. For instance, the number 3 is just a symbol that can be replaced by any other symbol, but the instrinsic value of what it represents doesn’t change. No matter what you call the number 3, it represents a quantity or shape which is instrnsic as opposed to symbolic. When you have 3 separate objects, you can only describe them in relation to each other as 3. Likewise a triangle will always have 3 sides no matter what you call it.

Light and sound are also intrinsic properties of the universe which transcend symbolic value. Another great example, is, God. God is a word, which could be experessed variously through many different langauges or paradims and mean a multitude of different things to different people. On the other hand, an instrinsic ‘God property’ is universally accepted, that there is a universe (at least a holographic one) and neither science nor religions dispute that there is a value that can represent the totality of all energy, matter, and consciousness in the universe.

“Number rules the universe... Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent."

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is the study of the intrinsic shapes of the universe. Geometry for all intents and purposes is the computer coding language of our reality. Science has recently caught up to what mystics and secret, and spiritual societies had discovered throughout all of human history, regarding the intrinsic properties of geometric shapes for shaping our universe.

The organization of quantum particles into perfect sacred geometry shapes and lattices is the essential backbone for the emerging fields of new materials science, and quantum computing.

Geometric shapes can contain and tranmit information, and have an effect on the energy fields of all life forms. Naturally perfect geometric structure, is also why crystals are such a powerful tool for healing and technologies.

"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality."

What is a rainbow body?

This concept originates from Tibetan Buddism, in which the goal of attainment is to transform oneself into a body of pure light. From the standpoint of modern physics we can now see that everything is made of light.

For all intents and purposes, your rainbow body is your ultimate state of possible coherence.

It’s the sweet spot between Tibetan Buddhism and Quantum Physics, as well as many other paradigms for understanding reality.

But why a rainbow? What does light have to do with our body?

Thanks to Einstein’s simple formula E = MC(2) we can begin to understand that matter is nothing more than energy in a state of motion.

The elementary particles protons and electrons create duality in order for matter to exist through the polarity of a positive and negative charge.

These two particles have been shown in labs to be created by the ‘God particle’ of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is the photon, or a particle of light. Particle can be a misleading term for light, since it is both a particle and a wave.

A photon itself has no mass, weight or electrical charge but is able to create polarized matter particles with a magnetic field that is generated by the vibration and motion of the light through space.

Therefore it’s safe to say, both from a spiritual and scientific standpoint, that we are all creations and projections of light. This is also why light therapy is so effective at harmonizing our own electromagnetic fields and energy centers 

How do you become a light body?

The good news is you already have a rainbow body that you’re not aware most of the time, and all you have to do to learn to awaken to it.

By tuning into intrinsic energies you can become one with all of consciousness and over come the limits and illusions of your ego-mind.

In traditional Zen Buddhism, the goal of meditation is overcome the analytical mind and achieve a state of ‘nothing’.

“Clay is fashioned into vessels; but it is on their empty hollowness, that their use depends.”

What is nothing?

How could there be a nothing and what does that even mean?

Nothing for the purposes of spirituality could probably better be described as ‘no matter’.

No matter is the state of singularity that existed prior to the Big Bang. It’s also the place of infinite probabilities where quantum particles exist until they collapse into a definite position in time and space when under observation. To ancient cultures it was known as the void.

Rather than a state of emptiness of consciousness, it’s more accurate to picture a void of thoughts, ego, illusion, and separation from all other beings.

When we clear our bodies of blocks of energy, and the emotional memories of trauma, pain, pride, shame, guilt, grievance, and fear, we are ‘cleaning the mirror’ in order to be able to reflect the pure light inside and outside of us.

The Tao is nowhere to be found.Yet it nourishes and completes all things.”


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